On-Site Security Services

588924298In many cases there is no substitute for having a security team on your premises, whether full-time or on a set rotation. This type of ongoing security is useful for all types of private businesses, and brings peace of mind to your operation. With our training and flexibility, our security team is capable of providing specialized services that meet your particular on-site security needs.

Unlike some security firms, we are not limited to merely issuing a warning and then having to report it to the local police. Because our officers are sworn police officers, you are receiving a much higher level of service than if utilizing an ordinary private security company. Our officers have the authority to enforce NC law and make arrests as needed, which means significantly faster response time and more comprehensive methods of dealing with security issues at your place of business.

On-Site Security and Police Services Are Ideal For:

  • Banks
  • Corporate Offices
  • Local municipalities and government offices
  • Executive security

We take the guess work out of your security procedures. We provide protection where you need it, and take care of all the following on our end:

  • Workers compensation and liability insurance
  • Yearly officer requirements & certifications
  • Vehicles and fuel
  • Continuing education,
  • Uniforms, equipment, and firearms

We carry the load while you reap the benefits.

Our ability to act immediately can be invaluable in a heated or emergency situation. Interested in learning more? Contact us today to speak with a specialist about your on-site security needs.