Roving Patrol

A highly visible police presence is one of the absolute best deterrents to crime. Our city Police Departments and county Sheriff’s Offices do a great job on a daily basis, but they have budgetary constraints and responsibilities that make it difficult to prioritize policing businesses or residential areas.

For most small businesses, having an on-site police officer on a permanent basis is simply impossible from a budgetary standpoint. That is why North State has developed our Roving Patrol service with small business in mind. We make this affordable for us and our clients by finding other businesses or schools in your area that are willing to “share” an officer. The more neighboring businesses on contract with us (near your business), makes it more affordable for you.

Roving Patrol works great for HOAs and gated communities as well, and much more affordable than you would think.

Depending on the custom plan that we provide for your business, our foot and mobile patrols will bring a strong visible deterrent to criminal activity, as well as peace of mind for you and your employees.

Big enough to serve and small enough to care.
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