Patrol Information

patrolsA highly visible police presence is one of the absolute best deterrents to crime. For most small businesses having an on-site police officer on a permanent basis is simply impossible from a budgetary standpoint. That is why North State has developed our patrol services with small business in mind.

Our city or county police departments do a great job on a daily basis, but they have responsibilities beyond securing businesses. Depending on the custom plan that we provide for your business, our foot and mobile patrols will bring a strong visible deterrent to criminal activity, as well as peace of mind for you and your employees.

Our officers have arrest and citation authority. We do not have to simply observe a crime and report it; we are capable of investigating a situation and making an arrest or citation immediately if the situation warrants it.

Residential Security Patrol

Crime affects homeowners every day. Home invasions and home burglaries are some of the most dangerous situations a person could ever find themselves in, and they are seemingly on the rise. Our professional police services can make your apartment complex, condominium, housing development, homeowners association, or subdivision a safer place. Criminals count on finding easy targets and not being seen. Our officers make your area a place criminals had rather pass by.

Interested in adding some on-site security to your business or residential space? Contact us today for patrol route information!