North State offers a variety of security and training services that give businesses the edge on protecting their assets and personnel. We offer armed and unarmed security solutions to fit any setup. This means we can deal with criminal threats directly and promptly.

Armed Security:

Our Armed Security Officers are licensed as such by the North Carolina Private Protective Services Board and are either former law enforcement or are trained and instructed by law enforcement, so that they share the same instinctive nature in their conduct and performance.

Armed Security Officers are equipped in a similar fashion to our Company Police Officers. They are proficiently trained with their sidearms and actually have to meet a higher score standard than our CPOs.

Armed Security is a bit more affordable than Company Police yet still offers the level of physical protection you and your employees require.

Unarmed Security:

Our licensed Unarmed Security Officers are not only licensed through North Carolina but also trained annually by our General Instructors with special attention to Handcuffing Technique, Risk Assessment and Detail Retention.

All of our officers maintain a crisp professional uniformed image. We believe a professional image aids in giving a client the visual deterrent it needs to repel those with criminal intent.