Training Programs

In addition to direct security services, North State Company Police also offers a variety of training programs for law enforcement and civilians alike. Education is a valuable component to the safety of the community. Those who are informed and familiar with various safety techniques are better equipped for when difficult situations arise.

Police Firearm and Tactical Training

Our certified instructors offer training for inquiring law enforcement officers and other agencies, as well as various tactical qualifications. This includes annual in-service training and even specialized training — contact us with your specific needs. These programs are useful for staying sharp on the job and skill-building for newer personnel.

Civilian Training

Our firearms instructors offer educational courses needed to acquire North Carolina Concealed Carry Permits and are open to the public by advanced registration. In addition, we also offer more advanced firearm training to cover proper form, speed, and accuracy to ensure lawful, appropriate use of concealed firearms. These programs are great for folks of all skill levels. Those new to firearms can learn the basics of safe operation in a controlled environment, and those who may have some experience can focus and refine those skills for more effective performance at the range or anywhere else.