Disaster Planning and Strategic Mapping

North State is happy to announce we are now offering Strategic Mapping. We will work with you or your Safety Director to collect the necessary information to provide you a detailed GIS enhanced map indicating all necessary evacuation radii and routes. This map also features fire, EMS, police and SWAT staging areas, fire hydrants, LZ locations, Haz-Mat placards, etc.

This can normally be completed within two to three weeks. We will share your information with all Public Safety Agencies and state officials in your area so that in the event of an emergency, all necessary responding agencies will be on the same page with you and your employees. As an educational or corporate official we are sure you can appreciate how this may not only save lives, but could also reduce liability.

Not everyone can provide this for you, however. As a state licensed Law Enforcement Agency, North State Company Police can. We’ve employed former state officers who helped to originate and implement this plan for North Carolina.

This will be something you can hold in your hand and use for your future drills or training scenarios. You will find our cost extremely appealing, and may be pro gratis if combined with other contractual services.

Please give us a call so we may set up a time to meet with you and assess your location. 336.306.9211