Important Info For Educational Facilities

In the wake of recent tragedies involving violence and security inadequacies in schools around the nation, we feel the need to make school administrations aware of our agency’s security options. Every school system, both public or private, must be willing to come to terms with the environment that exists in our society today.

Those that are determined to carry out acts of violence typically look for targets that are “soft”. When we talk about soft targets we are referring to places that have limited security — places criminals expect to be able to inflict a high degree of damage with little to no resistance. The unfortunate truth is that additional legislation or stricter gun laws will have very little effect on these types of crimes, and in fact only offers a false sense of security. We predict that these types of attacks will become more creative as well as more prevalent.

North State Company Police would like to offer real world solutions that lead to safer schools for students and faculty, as well as peace of mind for parents. We would be happy to sit down with school representatives and discuss ways that our agency can improve school safety and security. For those schools’ limited resources we have a cost-effective plan administrators may find appealing.

If you’re involved in educational administration and would like more information about how we can help, contact us today!