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Every great Craftsman will tell you that the secret to the best result is using the correct tool. At North State Security Group that is how we approach each customer – what tools do we need to address your specific need?

And our toolbox is full and complete to provide the following forms of Security Services:

Unarmed Security

Unarmed Security Service for a variety of applications where a visible presence is desired to provide guest directions and assistance, tenant response, access control and building security. From the Uniformed Officer at your front desk who make a positive, friendly, and helpful first impression for your property to patrolling your property internally and externally to prevent access to those who do not have business at your facility.

Armed Security

Armed Security Service for various vertical markets where there is a higher risk of confrontation or undesired intrusions. Armed Security Officers provide a clear deterrent appearance that your location takes their security needs seriously and are protective of their workers, their product, and the safety of their facility.

Company Police

Company Police Officers are the highest level of security and facility control. Company Police Officers are sworn Law Enforcement Officers in North Carolina, and when contracted, have the same authority on your property that a local Police Officer would have, to include the authority to make an arrest and remove an offender from your facility. It is equivalent to having your own Police Department when the risk or threat level is the highest and lawful, immediate, and justified action is needed.

Mobile Security Patrol

Mobile Security Patrol is for those locations who lock up their facility at the end of the workday but want peace of mind that the property is checked a specific number of times nightly to detect any breech of the facility, trespassers, or damage to the property after hours. Mobile Security Patrol is also a cost-effective way to have your gated community, apartment complex or business park patrolled randomly after hours as a deterrent to those who desire to take advantage of a lack of activity during the night hours.

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All our Security Services are tailored to address the concerns of your business model and your budget limitations. For every safety and security concern that is an appropriate response and North State Security Group is one of the few companies in North Carolina who can provide every level of solution – we have every tool needed for a masterpiece result.